My Letter to Congressman Barr

I made the mistake of believing that my current Congressman was a good Tea Party representative of the people, but looks like the leadership has corrupted him already. Here is his statement from his website explaining his vote on the budget deal:

Congressman Andy Barr released the following statement regarding his support for the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2013, which passed the House of Representatives by a vote of 332-94:

“The agreement approved by the House of Representatives today honors the principles I pledged to support when I came to Washington: It reduces the deficit and reforms unsustainable spending programs without raising taxes.

“Unlike the deal to raise the debt ceiling in October, which was produced in the absence any meaningful bipartisan cooperation and without any substantive fiscal reforms, today’s agreement was produced through a real and deliberative process that will result in modest reforms representing an important step in the right direction.

“This agreement sets the very important precedent of trading short-term, temporary sequester relief for long-term, permanent reform of mandatory spending, which is the true driver of our long term debt.  Perhaps most importantly, this agreement does not ask more of hardworking taxpayers and removes the threat of another government shutdown.”


Fearing the worst from him now on the issue of illegal immigration, I followed up a phone call to his office with this letter.

Honorable Congressman Barr,

I was an enthusiastic supporter of yours in the last election. I believe that a true conservative voice is needed in Washington, a voice that is responsive to the people of America and not the special interests. I was fooled into thinking that you shared these values and would represent your constituents and not be just a shill for the leadership. Unfortunately, your vote on the budget deal shows that you have fell into line with the “leadership” of the party. The statement on your website is just typical political speak that tries to justify a vote that should never have been made. It may satisfy the stupid and uninformed, but anyone with common sense knows it for what it is- a sellout. We all know that gutting the sequester for some promised cuts years into the future is a fantasy at best. Candidate Barr would never have approved of this. Just because a bill is bipartisan does not make it good. How can anyone in good conscience give benefits to illegal aliens while cutting military pensions? This is unacceptable. After your vote on this bill, I feel that contacting you on the amnesty issue is probably a waste of time, but here goes.

Can you please not sell out on the question of illegal immigration? The proposal from House leadership is ill-timed and wrong. We were told that nothing else mattered during the government shutdown except Obamacare, to stay focused on that. Now, the first thing that Boehner and his cronies bring up this year is nothing to do with obamacare, its amnesty. Please do not insult me by trying to say this isn’t about amnesty when we both know that is the end game. Not only are the Republicans taking the spotlight off of the failure of the healthcare law, they are giving the Democrats what they want by adopting their desire to grant legal status to millions of illegal aliens. legal status will lead to amnesty. Are the Republican leaders dumb enough to do this under the false belief that they will gain any support from the Hispanic community? Or are they only bowing to the money of special interest like the US Chamber of Commerce? Whichever, it is a colossal mistake. A mistake that could lead to the end of the Party. 

As a voter in your district, I implore you to not support this nonsense. Nothing should be passed dealing with immigration until after the border is shutdown and our current immigration laws are enforced. Illegal immigration is costing this country billions. The welfare system is strained, our school systems are adversely impacted, and unemployment of citizens is increased. I ask you to do what you said you would do when we elected you, represent the people of Kentucky and not become one of Boehner’s stooges.

We elected you because you said you shared our values. If we see that isn’t true, we can always elect someone else. We, like the NSA, are watching you!

Will it do any good? I doubt it. But we need to let these people know that we are watching them and that their glib statements and political speak explaining their votes are not fooling us. We see them for what they are. It sure didn’t take long for the system to take him under it’s wing. Term Limits are critical! Congressman Barr ran as a Conservative and still claims to be one. He was elected with strong Tea Party support. Looks like it may be time to find a new person to support!

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