Another Example of how Kentucky gets it Wrong!

Looks like the full court press is on from the Left, trying to make an issue of the Minimum Wage before the election. The Liberal press has had several stories in the last couple of days, timed around Labor Day, telling us why raising the minimum is such a great idea. This is one issue that I have found is pointless to argue about with the left, as they have no real understanding of cause and effect or economics. No matter how many times that you point out that raising the minimum wage is inflationary and detrimental to the bottom of the employment ladder as well as the middle class, they can’t get past their bleeding heart long enough to see logic. Well, that is the true liberal anyway. The Democratic Party hack is just in it to pander for votes, trying to look compassionate and like they care for the little guy when they really only want their vote. When you get to people like the author of this story in Insider Louisville, their fanaticism takes new leaps. This knucklehead actually advocates a base payment to everyone, no matter if they work or not. Please take your socialism somewhere else! We would all be better off and happier! It amazes me still how far left this country has moved, where nonsense like this is actually considered.

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