Invade Mexico?

How about we invade Mexico? Hear me out…We travel all over the world to impose Democracy on countries that don’t want it. We invade sovereign  nations when their leaders are cruel despots that we deem need to be replaced. We use drones to take out leaders of terrorist organizations all the time. Why not use our resourses here at home where they can do a lot of good?

Is there another country in the world that causes the United States more grief than Mexico? Drug cartels, human smugglers, terrorists, counterfeiters, and god knows who else takes advantage of our lack of border enforcement to damage our citizens and economy. I say its about time to put an end to this nonsense.

I am sure that our current corrupt administration will not have anything to do with this, as they are clearly invested in the status quo. I know it will be difficult to get any administration to actually address this problem in any way that would actually solve it since the corruption that allows the flow of illegal drugs, humans, and goods is ingrained on both sides of the border. Someone is making a lot of money looking the other way. So while I am aware that a President with the stones to do this does not exist, from my view there is no logical reason to not invade Mexico.

My suggestion is this: 1. have a meeting with el Presidente of Mexico and lay it out…clean up your corruption, end the border incursions, shut down the human trade and drug trafficking or else. You have 1 year to fix this or we will fix it for you. 2. after the Mexican government fails to fix the problems, station the Army on the border. 3. use drones to patrol the border and target drug cartel traffic and leaders. 4. send troops into Mexico to root out the cartels and destroy their infrastructure (similar to Israel’s operations against Hamas). 5. set up monitoring equipment and station personnel at strategic  locations along the border to provide long term deterrence. 6. BUILD A FENCE. a real legitimate deterrence to illegal entry. 

Problem solved.

Right now the southern border is non-existant. It is only a matter of time before America is subjected to a new terrorist attack that could have been prevented by closing the border. Allowing the current situation to continue is treason against the country and not acting to protect the American people is criminal. Any elected official who allows the current situation to go on should be thrown out of office for violating their oath of office. Tough times require tough measures. These are tough times.

The left will scream bloody murder, but they should be ignored. The cries of racism will ring out loud from the usual suspects and their friends in the media but the American people will support making the country stronger and protecting their children. 

Invade Mexico!

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