One Party Rule

I have heard about America’s two party system of government all my life. Growing up the son of staunchly Democratic parents (yellow dog Democrats to the core), all I heard was how evil the Republicans were. Later in life, I discovered the Libertarians, Constitution Party, and various other minor parties that operated on the fringe. Curiously, it seems that all of these alternative parties are on the right. I suppose to go left of the Democrats you have to look at the Communists or Socialists. Let’s face it, the Democrats have pretty much made these two obsolete. I am sure Communists and Socialists feel quite at home in the modern Democratic Party. Anyway, we were always told that the two main parties opposing each other was one thing that made this country great. There was always a loyal opposition to keep the party in power in check. It’s not that way anymore.
Somewhere along the way things changed. We used to have something called a “Conservative Democrat”. Show me a current Democrat in Congress that votes against Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi when the approval of one of their agenda items is really on the line. It doesn’t happen. You might have one step out of line when they know they have enough Republicans that will cross over, but when Reid or Pelosi need them, they get them. This doesn’t happen with the Republicans. There are a few true Conservatives left, a few purely liberal Republicans, and your Neo-con Rinos all mixed in on the Right. You can hardly ever count on all Republicans to stick together.
A disturbing trend has developed recently. Almost to a man, the Republican leadership has started turning on their own. Within a few days of each other, both Mitch McConnell and John Boehner attacked their own base by publicly slamming the Tea Party. The pure joy that Boehner exhibited during his attack was clearly evident, like a huge weight was lifted from his shoulders. Clearly, these men no longer fear the wrath of their Conservative constituents and are happy to finally be free of their influence. We now find out that not only does the “Leadership” have no plans to repeal Obamacare, they also are working behind the scenes to assist Obama in his quest to pass an Amnesty bill for illegal immigrants, guarantee that government spending will not be slowed by gutting the sequester and by McConnell’s flat statement that the government will not shut down again, and standing by watching while Obama gathers more and more power for the Executive branch.
Listen to Obama talk about bypassing Congress and ruling by Executive Order. Watch as Harry Reid takes full control of the Senate, abandoning any semblance of fairness and throwing decades of tradition and rules away with little or no challenge. See the smug arrogance on Pelosi’s and Shumer’s faces. They know. The facts are clear: there is no longer a Two Party system in America. The Democratic Party is fully in control and it’s only going to get worse. How much more damage can these guys do in the next three years? I don’t know what the Republican Leaders were promised to join in this coup, but they are in none the less. They have sold out, become the right wing of the Democratic Party. The Constitution and the Republic are in peril. Tyranny is here!
Can the Republican Party be saved? Will we be able to restore 2 party rule? Only if the mid term elections go in such a way that true conservatives are elected to replace the traitors. If McConnell and his ilk stay in power, I fear for the worst. Then our only hope will be the Article Five movement. If that fails, welcome to Amerika, comrade.

Prime example of one party rule and Imperial Presidency.

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