So McConnell Hates Women?

It’s already started in Kentucky. Mitch McConnell hates women so much that he seeks out every opportunity to vote against them. At least if you listen the the rhetoric of his Democratic opponent Allison Grimes that is. It is the same old song from the Democrats, divide and conquer. Paint your opponent as a racist, female hating, right wing nut and win at all costs. Never mind that your accusations are completely stupid, try to convince your voters that the guy you are running against is the oppressor of your kind. Has the world become a steadily more unfair and oppressive place for women during the last 30 years that Mitch has been in DC? I don’t seem to remember him passing any anti-female legislation or attacking women’s causes myself. Don’t get me wrong, I have no fondness for McConnell after watching him wheel and deal for the last 3 decades at our expense. But to portray him as anti woman is laughable. I know the Dems think they have a winning strategy with gender division, it worked against Mitt Romney and apparently in the Virginia governors race (although it was not as big of a factor as the cheating that went on there), but will it sell in Kentucky? I guess they will claim he is anti-abortion, anti free birth control, and anti job/pay equality for women. Their hope is that enough women in general and young women in particular will be gullible enough to believe this nonsense.
I really think that Mitch McConnell needs to lose his seat. He has been too long in Washington and is incompetent as a leader. His actions this term are enough to send him home as he has become a lapdog for Reid and Obama. Truly an embarrassment to Kentucky and Conservatives. But replacing him with someone like Grimes accomplishes nothing other that changing the name that helps the Democratic agenda pass.
Should Mitch win his primary challenge (hopefully he won’t) , the election will get real ugly real fast. Once the Dems are focused on him as the opponent we will hear endless commercials detailing McConnell’s hatred of women in their effort to create a gender gap. The vacuous Grimes will soak up every second of air time , paid for with DNC and multiple super PAC funds, in her effort to win at all costs. Mitch is vulnerable and the Dems would love nothing better than to retire him. They will try to deflect from the fact that Grimes would serve at Obama’s bidding . The Democrats do not allow any dissension among their ranks. Harry Reid may be insane and a traitor, but he runs a tight ship. If Obama wants to end the use of coal, and he does, then Grimes will necessarily vote along with her party to do just that, no matter it’s impact on Kentucky. She will be a rubber stamp for Obama.
I hope that Kentucky Republicans realize that the only way to prevent this from happening is to elect Matt Bevin. McConnell is toast, stick a fork in him, he is done. Bevin can run against Obama, a man that is despised in Kentucky, and tie Grimes to his radical left agenda in ways that McConnell really can’t , since he enabled a large portion of it himself.
Change is coming to the Senate representation from Kentucky. Our job is to see that the right change is made.

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