Americans Must Stop Amnesty In Any Form

Agree, republican leadership must change or we are all screwed!


If Americans allow the federal government to legalize illegal immigration again, they will lose their country forever.

71% of Americans have a very favorable view of “legal” immigrants and “legal” immigration — even though our federal government no longer expects immigrants to adhere to American laws and traditions, or even speak the American language.

So, the issue of immigration has nothing to do with “racist” views towards immigrants, in the most diverse nation on earth. However, when asked about “illegal” immigrants, Americans who grew up respecting the Rule of Law have a very different view, one also having no connection to issues of race.

When asked about “illegal” immigrants, over 60% of Americans want their government to enforce existing immigration laws much more stringently, including deportation. Over half of Americans now believe that it is their government that encourages illegal immigration. Only 5% of Americans believe that the government will…

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