A Lesson for Republicans

We have seen it time and time again. A seemingly “normal”, mostly conservative Republican campaigns on a conservative agenda, gets elected, and almost immediately veers to the left. He takes on liberal positions, most commonly on gun control, healthcare, welfare, or immigration. Turning his back on the people who elected him in an effort to seek approval from the Main Stream Media, he makes a futile attempt to curry favor from the left by trying to look “moderate” and “reasonable”. This strategy never works as no matter how he tries, a Republican will always be on the outside looking in when they try to buddy up to the left. No matter how many times we see this happen, there are always politicians who adopt this strategy in order to try to further their ambitions. They may help ensure a long career at some level as a useful dupe of the left but they will never advance to their ultimate goal (think John McCain),

And now we see it once again. Chris Christie has shown he is more than willing to adopt the positions of the left whether it be on immigration, gun control, or a big spending government. He has tried to endear himself with the Progressives by embracing Obamacare and Obama. He has courted the MSM to look more “reasonable”. What has it gained him?

Republican conservatives and Tea Party members have abandoned him as viable and classified him as just another RINO.

And the Left? The Main Stream Media that he has courted? I have never seen a Democrat questioned or attacked by the talking heads as aggressively as they jumped  on Christie during the “BridgeGate scandal “. All the work he did, all the ass kissing of the media, all the hugs with Obama are out the window at the first opportunity. There is a lesson here.

If you are a Republican and you run on Conservative values, stay true to those values. The electorate that put you in office will stand by you no matter what the MSM says about you. The left that you may be tempted to court will turn on you at first chance because you are not one of them! Why would they support a left wing Republican when they can have a real Democrat? Think about that before you sell us out!

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