Where is the Bus?

Thousands of ILLEGAL immigrants in Nevada are now legally allowed to drive in the state thanks to a new law that issues them driving permits. Apparently these people have been living here for years, driving illegally with no license or insurance. Illegally. As in breaking the law. Illegally residing, illegally working, illegally driving. BREAKING THE LAW.

“The law specifically prohibits the DMV from using or sharing information for immigration-enforcement purposes.”


“To obtain a card, immigrants must show proof of identity as well as Nevada residency”.

Again, WHAT?!!

You are not allowed to ask anyone for proof of identity or residence before they are allowed to vote though?

My opinion, you let them in the front door, march them out the back door straight to the bus that will take them back to Mexico!  They are here ILLEGALLY! Send them home!

What am I missing here, where does the logic break down? What universe am I living in where common sense is non-existent? Will this Progressive BS ever be stopped or has it gone too far? This already exists in 11 states! Why do we even have a border, when you get rewarded for crossing it and our own government chooses to not enforce any immigration laws? The writing is on the wall, and it’s not pretty.


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