Should Obama be Impeached?

1. Gives government money to political contributors.
2. Bows to foreign leaders.
3. Dubious citizenship.
4. School records hidden.
5. Associates with known radicals.
6. Family and friends consist of known Marxists, communists, and racists.
7. Consistently disregards The Constitution.
8. Has numerous family members living in US illegally.
9. Divulges military and intelligence secrets for personal political gain.
10. Actions, and lack of action, results in death of diplomats and military personnel.
11. Carries out operations that lead to death of Border Patrol agents.
12. Refuses to enforce border and immigration laws.
13. Directly attacks the coal industry resulting in loss of thousands of jobs.
14. Refuses to allow Keystone pipeline, resulting in loss of jobs and continued dependence on foreign oil.
15. Radical environmentalist. Allows EPA to throttle American business.
16. IRS used to attack opposition.
17. Uses power to punish citizens during government shutdown.
18. Uses NSA to spy on and collect data on American citizens.
19. Uses drones to kill people on his personal hit list.
20. Works with cohorts in Congress to unconstitutionally transfer power to executive branch.
21. Rules by decree, bypassing congress to illegally change provisions of Affordable Care Act.
22. Takes large amount of vacation time for family and friends to exotic locations at huge taxpayer expense during time of financial distress.
23. Supports radical Muslims worldwide.
24. Abandons traditional allies.
25. Pathological liar.

What do you think?


4 thoughts on “Should Obama be Impeached?

    • Ha! That’s funny! No, it’s all mine, not really complicated to list a few of His Majesty’s transgressions against Liberty. If I thought about it, I could probably come up with a few more! Thanks for reading though….

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