Voter Fraud

Growing up in Eastern Kentucky, I saw many things during elections. Vote buying with cash and alcohol was very commonplace. My parents were always active in politics on a local level, campaigning for candidates, helping transport voters to the poles, and working as an election officer. This put me in position to see a lot of unseemly things first hand. Since the area that I grew up in was highly Democratic, most of these transgressions involved Democrats. Every election was the same. It was like Christmas in May and November, everybody got something. You always knew the Election was near when you started seeing road work being carried out. More than a few streets (and driveways) would get paved in April every year. Vote buying was, and is, a way of life in Eastern Kentucky. I believe  buying and selling votes is morally wrong  and a criminal act. The politicians involved should be prosecuted and the voters should be ashamed.

As bad as this behavior is however, the current electoral situation across many parts of the U.S. makes giving  someone 20 bucks to vote for a certain candidate seem relatively harmless. Now we have to contend with blatant cheating. We now see districts where greater than 100 percent  of registered voters vote. We also see whole districts that vote 100 percent for one candidate. Neither of these are possible. You see scattered reports of  people voting multiple times, illegal aliens voting, and thousands of dead people voting. This becomes a real problem in close elections, such as the last Presidential election where many reports of fraud have come from states like Ohio, a swing state that went for Obama by a razor thin margin. Listening to radio reports on Election Day from Cincinnati and Hamilton county, I felt confident (as did the local radio talent) that Romney would win this Republican area. He did not.  Exit poles seemed to confirm a Romney win, but they were wrong too. Then we find out that people had voted 6 times, voted for dead people, and voted for relatives. How is this even possible? Obviously, the election officers at the poles were not doing their job.

The bigger question is this; why are clearly fraudulent election results allowed to stand? It does not take a mental giant to realize that if more people vote in a district than the number of registered voters who reside there, something is wrong. If the discrepancy cannot be accounted for, the districts votes should be thrown out. I am not in favor of “disenfranchising” anyone, but if a precinct cannot control it’s process, it should not count. Electronic machines have proven to be easily rigged, so I always vote with a paper ballot. Anyone who claims that it is somehow racist to require a photo ID is trying to cheat, we all know it.

Until we can ignore the Progressives charges of racism and take back the election process, will we ever be confident in a fair outcome again?


3 thoughts on “Voter Fraud

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