Obama and Sebelius

Now we find out that Obama hasn’t talked to Kathleen  Sebelius in more than three years about health care or anything else. Surprised?  Shocked? Only if you actually believe the ACA is actually about health care. Look at the evidence honestly for a minute. Obama is a socialist. We know this without a doubt. What little we have learned from his youth tells us that everyone he was associated with, from family, friends, spiritual leaders, and college associates were socialist.  He constantly talks about “leveling the playing field”, taking from the evil rich, and fundamentally transforming our country. If you have any shred of intellectual honesty you know he is a socialist. That’s not racism, that’s a fact. We know that he was unaware of problems with healthcare.gov.We know that he knew he was lying we he promised that “if you like your policy, you can keep your policy. Period  “. Now we find out that he has not even talked to the person that HE put in charge of his signature legislative achievement. An act that unofficially bears his own name!  Why would he  do these things? Because he could care less if Obamacare actually works. It was never about healthcare coverage. It has always been about putting the government in charge of your life and your money. Yes, socialism!  Since that part of the ACA is working just fine, why worry with the rest of it? No need to spend any time working with the token fool that is running this scam, the real work has already been finished.  He can now go play some golf while the American people are screwed by this massive redistribution scheme. Harry Reid, the media, and his other lackies can do their part working to deflect the truth, pretending to worry over the details while in truth the desired end has already been reached. These people could care less if this system ever actually works, as long as they are in charge of everything. Why do you think Obama was willing to delay parts of his law by executive fiat but would veto any bill that actually modified the ACA? There is no way he is allowing any permanent changes to his baby, just temporary minor alterations and delays that he can get rid of as quickly as possible without having to fight with anyone about.

Don’t be misled…..That my friend is what Obamacare is really all about.

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