Republicans and Immigration

Let’s talk about immigration. It is said that our fearless leaders in Washington will put together either “comprehensive” immigration reform, or a series of bills that address immigration. Either way you can bet whatever comes from this bunch will be a disaster. For a long time, the democrats insisted that only “comprehensive reform” would be acceptable. In recent days they have softened this stand to be more open to multiple, smaller changes. Why the shift? It’s pretty clear that the Democrats have made a deal with the establishment wing of the Republican Party. They feel that by splitting up the reforms, they will be able to slip through most of the things they want without causing nearly as much outcry as a comprehensive bill would cause. The cabal of party leaders on both sides, along with Obama, are planning to bypass as many roadblocks as possible in order to screw this country over yet again. Yes, I know that ” everyone here came from somewhere else”. The difference is, our ancestors came here LEGALLY! When my forebears came here from Ireland, England, and Germany they followed whatever rules there was at the time. They became citizens of this country legally. No sneaking across the border in the middle of the night. When they got here, there was no welfare state waiting for them with public housing, free healthcare, cell phones, and debit cards loaded with cash. They made their own way, some a lot better than others. When they became citizens, they were Americans. Not hyphenated Americans, just Americans.
Some people find it bizarre that Republican leadership would be party to what is essentially amnesty. I am not surprised at all considering who we are talking about. It is obvious that establishment Republicans have given up and have decided to become the right wing of the Democrat party. They have so misread previous election results and have bowed to media pressure so far that conservative principles have been completely discarded. Either that or party leadership is historically incompetent. With Mitch McConnell pitching a war against the Tea Party it’s clear that the Republican Party is splintered. I say if you hate conservatism, go ahead and make it official and leave. You would probably be much happier. At least the last few months have allowed us to sort the true conservatives from the pretenders.

One thought on “Republicans and Immigration

  1. Immigration reform is code for “amnesty”. We have an immigration system in this country, that would work, if the laws were enforced. We do not need another law calling for a fence, we have that law, President Obama just won’t enforce it. The progressive movement wants to legalize those who came here illegal, so that they have a ready made voter base of about 13 million people. All they want is amnesty. The rest is smoke and mirrors.

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